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Our purpose

To make more clear the purpose of a contemporary creation center such as "ORPHEUS", it is necessary to understand:


Cavalleria Rusticana 2004
Pergine Spettaccolo Aperto
Turridu: Christos Giannoulis

Today's education unfortunately tends to look back rather than foreword. People are more attached or even addicted in the certainty of the beaten track and they end being completely alien to their nature, a nature who helped them to know everything, through "discovery". A process of discovering new things, experience new miracles, always in cohesion with "tradition", that is respect for the great truths and teachings of the past. Each time one of these two prevails at the expense of the other, it usually creates (different in each case) pathogenic situations in the society.

At the present moment we seem to be in front of a dead end. Political, economical but, first of all, moral and spiritual. The system of moral values as it has been formed especially during the last century, seems to breathe its last. Is it the lack of ideas or we are all addicted to the "well-tried" which already fallen through by its repetition?

What we need is forward looking ideas in every field of human activity. The financial tightness in the major part of the world, has compelled great organizations of artistic production to limit their activities or even stop them. Most of the world watches astonished the startling developments which have changed rapidly labour relations and rights that were won through hard fights. But what does this means for young artists? Do they also have to limit their inspiration and their productivity or completely put an end to their activity? Do they have, to say it in a more vulgar way, "put up the shutters to their shop"?


Από την παράσταση της Πειραματικής Σκηνής της Ε.Λ.Σ. το 2005 σε διεύθυνση Θ. Αντωνίου

       On the other hand technology developments offer incredible tools that help in creating and producing through computers and devices that make the artist's point more immediate to the artistic public. Totally new meanings and powers come to complete the tools available to creative minds so as to make the artistic event more ample, ready to be addressed to more than one senses, more than one arts, more people at the same time. Opera has always been and still is a traditional field where arts are mixed together in their highest level. A combination of Music, Word, Theater, Motion, Plastic arts...and so many more arts present, even though they are not in sight. This is exactly why every new opera production is an Olympic dimension effort both in financial and in physical standard.

       Thus, only few "lucky" artists can practice professionally this art and make it to survive. Even fewer are the new composers who manage to see their work played in a complete version. As a result, new plays are barely composed, and speaking about the opera, there is a desert area... .

      The purpose for creating the Contemporary Digital Opera Center "ORPHEUS" is to give an expression tribune to young opera, theater and cinema composers, offering technical substructure, know how, experience and the creativity of its members for the presentation of new works. Last but not least of our purposes is to encourage free exchange of points of view and ideas among artists.