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Flavio - "Norma" V. Bellini, Malcolm - "Macbeth" G.Verdi

Christos Giannoulis

Lyric artist - Composer - Producer

Founder of the center "ORPHEUS"


           Christos Giannoulis was born in Thessaloniki were he took his first lesson in music (piano, theoretical studies and lyrical song). He has a diploma in solo singing (New Conservatory of Thessaloniki- B.Tsambali’s class) and composition (National Conservatory - P. Koukos’ class).

Since 1998 he lives in Athens, developing various activities in music. He composed music for children's theatrical plays and sketches and in 1997 he successfully played for "Thessaloniki, cultural capital of Europe 1997" his first opera for children "The little Peter in the wood" (5-15 years old) in his composition and dramatization.

      Some of his last collaborations are mentioned here:








       He often collaborates with acknowledged composers in Greece as an orchestrator and sound designer.

His main interest is stage music, that is music for films, T.V., opera and musical. He is also interested in elaborating sounds of old instruments through a modern approach of electronic sound and digital technology. Another sector in which Christos Giannoulis is brought into action is Sound Design through electronic devices in the sense of Sound sculpturing. Giannoulis-Pinkerton

 The tenor Christos Giannoulis has attended seminars and workshops about technical perfection and musical style with famous artists as Dan Iordacescu, Frangiskos Voutsinos, Gabriella Ravazzi, William Mateuzzi, Hermann Prey.

He has often participated in opera productions in Greece and abroad, singing leading roles such as Tamino (Die Zauberflote), Pinkerton (Madama Butterfly), Turridu (Cavalleria Rusticana), Flavio (Norma), Malcolm (Macbeth) etc. He has also interpreted the demanding role of Sam in Sir Peter Maxwell Davis' contemporary opera "The lighthouse" as well as music of contemporary Greek and foreign composers (Gavin Bryers, Alkis Baltas, Thodoros Ambatzis etc.)

He has worked with well known conductors as B. Rigacci, Armando Gatto, Angelo Cavallaro, Loukas Karytinos, Theodore Antoniou, Ilias Voudouris, Alkis Baltas etc.



He is the main founder of the contemporary digital opera center "ORPHEUS", accompanied by young, talented and daring "fellow-travellers". They altogether organize projects that vary from opera productions to digital editions.

Giannoulis-RimbaudGiannoulis-RimbaudGiannoulis-RimbaudGiannoulis_in _Lighthouse Giannoulis-in-LighthouseGiannoulis_UldinoGiannoulis_Uldino From above to below: "The Poet of the 7 years" Theodore Ambazis,under composer's direction
"The Lighthouse" - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - director: George Michailidis
Attila - Giuseppe Verdi