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children's Corner

After many years of activity and important experience in the demanding field of production (opera, operetta, live music events), we realized that children might be the most neglected part of the audience, in the sense that there are few compositions regarding them.

. . . ."Little Peter in the Wood"

Little Peter fotos

This is a conclusion about the world music literature. The usual practice of taking an opera composed for adults and with various interventions (inventive or not) changing it to an opera for children, is unfortunately a practice that underestimates the intelligence and perception of our children. We are decided to present our suggestions to the society in which our children are growing up too and in collaboration with children psychologists, experienced teachers and talented artists, to be able to elaborate works which will sincerely touch the children's soul, giving them at the same time an opportunity for creative and productive play.

We certainly consider necessary and valuable any kind of communication or constructive criticism coming from parents as well as from public services related to the delicate subject of education.


"The Scarecrow"


The new suggestion of our center for constructive recreation of Nowadays, young Greeks and their parents are seeking for a different look on their children's recreation. The new constructive suggestion of our center is "The Scarecrow".

It's about a "green" children's opera where the leading actor is nature itself. Nature's creatures obtain soul and take over responsibility to save the planet from the imminent destruction and from the Atermones. The little scarecrow Vassilios, the Children without name, the beautiful Nefeli and several more protagonists, are leading the drama to its solution through unexpected situations and personal exceeding which lead every creature to its Perfection, in the world of Love and completion.