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Bios Generale

Christos Giannoulis

Lyric artist - Composer - Producer

Instigator-founder of the center "ORPHEUS"

Among other associates of our center we must mention some of them, because of their speciality, not only in music education but also in the demanding field of the production-performance of musical events.

Chrysanthie Emmanouilidou

Pianiste - Conductor

Christos Xenakis

Pianist -Composer

Christos Sakellaridis


We also count ourselves lucky to collaborate with artists like:

Despoina Skarlatou - Soprano
Thei Stavrou - Soprano
Barunka Preisinger - M.Soprano
Elisa Klonovskaya - M.Soprano
Penny Rizou - Soprano
Pavlos Maropoulos - Bass
Helene Konstadaki - Soprano
Michael Papapetrou - Pianist