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About us




We are a team of modern and active artists, interested not only in the existent music literature but also in the "current" artistic creation that regards more than anything the man of our time, his challenges and concerns.

       Each member of this team comes with important studies at his field and long professional experience. On one hand the need of a more personal expression and on the other hand the effort to embody new techniques and technology at the contemporary art and aesthetics, led us to create this center.

        We hope that through this forum we will give the chance to creative and restless spirits to present their work and light up with their inspiration our society in such hard times.

       The center offers its services in the following sectors:


* Compositing-producing musical material in commission, for live events, stage music, as well as for theater music, film soundtracks and advertisement.

* Sound design adapted to our customer's needs or according to the project asked.

* Production of musical sound material with digital means, with or without live recordings of instruments and voices, for commercial use (CD, DVD, Soundtrack) or MIDI mock-ups.

* Orchestration, carried out in our studio from piano score (two staves) through digital and analog devices, without any limit about the orchestra size.

* Orchestral reduction-augmentation and the corresponding printing of partitura and parts for the ensemble which interests us.

Apps production for tablets (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android etc.) using tools such as the Adobe DPS.